Sacred Sound Meditation - Monday from 7:00 - 8:15pm

A guided relaxation meditation inducing a state of deep inner peace & tranquility.....freedom from stress, anxiety & worry

A 20 minute mantra meditation session is offered after the guided meditation for those who are interested to learn how to meditate in the privacy of their home on mantra meditation beads following in the footsteps of the Yogis & Mystics of ancient India who have practised this form of meditation going back thousands of years. Cost: $18 (Dinner not included as restaurant is closed)

Mantras are sacred sound vibrations composed of transcendental syllables containing great spiritual power or shakti (energy). The proper vibration of these mantras enables us to concentrate and focus this spiritual energy enabling us to experience the wonderful beneficial effects listed below.

Some benefits of mantra meditation

  1. Relieves stress and anxiety
  2. Promotes inner peace & tranquility
  3. Fosters good health and well being
  4. Increases ability to focus &concentrate & improves learning skills
  5. Enhances vitality and increases energy levels
  6. Balances the life airs & opens up the cakras
  7. Facilitates body, mind, spirit equilabrium
  8. Awakens our spirituality & connects us with the Supreme Divine