For the safety and well-being of our friends and supporters, and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus we have decided to cancel to cancel these workshops until it is deemed safe to resume them again.

Mantra Meditation Workshop - Bookings essential -

In this workshop you will be taught how to meditate in the privacy of your home by the soft chanting of mantras (Divine sound vibrations) on scared meditation beads.This is a very powerful form of meditation which relieves us of worry, stress & anxiety & helps us to acheive a deep sense of inner peace & tranquility. Cost of the experience is $20 which includes the meditation beads & a meditation book.

Mantras are sacred sound vibrations composed of transcendental syllables containing great spiritual power or shakti (energy). The proper vibration of these mantras enables us to concentrate and focus this spiritual energy enabling us to experience -

  1. Relief from stress and anxiety promoting inner peace & serenity
  2. Fosters good health and well being
  3. Enhances vitality and increases energy levels
  4. Balances the life airs & opens up the cakras
  5. Facilitates body, mind, spirit equilabrium
  6. Awakens our inner spirituality & connects us with the Supreme Divine