A bohemian inspired cinema experience awaits you at Govindas. Keep your clothes on but take your shoes off, relax and enjoy is the motto here. Upright seats and couches are available but for most regulars it is all about the lie down cushions and the culinary treat before which makes it a night to remember.

Choose your movie, allowing an hour or so to dine in the restaurant beforehand, and then book online. For movies starting before 6pm dine afterwards. Phone bookings: 0425 333 086

Movie only $18.90 concession $16.90

Movie/dinner package $38.80 (no concessions)

Add $3 for 3D movies and an extra $2 for glasses if required.

It is advised that as a courtesy to other cinema patrons the cinema experience is not for children under 8 years, except for children’s films rated PG and under where children 3 and over are welcome.

Children movie only $16.90

Children movie/dinner package $26.80

3D charges apply as above.

For private cinema hire please call Tony on 0425 333 086