Covid-19 Safety procedures
Govindas has a comprehensive Covid-19 Safety Plan and is registered with NSW Health as a Covid Safe business.
Our staff have received a comprehensive training on Covid Safe procedures and are fully conversant with the Government Health regulations and protocols.
On arrival all visitors will be required to check in via the NSW QR code system or our alternative electronic system.
We have installed 8 Sanitizing stations to ensure that all staff and customers have easy access to the units wherever in the building they may be.
Seating in our restaurant and theatre is per the 4 square metre rule.
In the cinema patrons will be required to wear a mask pursuant to NSW Health requirements if they cannot maintain the 1.5 metre distance between other patrons outside their group..
In the restaurant the tables have been configured to support 1.5 metres physical distance.
In the cinemas the 1.5 metre spacing rule is followed by leaving a spare seat each side between cinema goers who are non-household groups.
Physical distancing is promoted with markers on the floor in the restaurant and the landing.
Staff have been encouraged to maintain a high level of hand washing & sanitising, & customers are requested to sanitise their hands upon entry to the premises and regularly throughout their stay at one of our numerous sanitation stations.
Frequently used areas are cleaned daily with detergent/disinfectant & frequently touched areas such as door handles, toilet taps, toilet flushing units, cinema seating arm rests etc are regularly cleaned throughout the evening and in the cinemas before and in between each session.
Both restaurant and cinemas are fully ventilated with external fresh air before opening and the cinemas are also ventilated with external fresh air between sessions.
Bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap & electronic hand dryers.
Menus are laminated & cleaned between use.
Staff have been notified if feeling unwell to remain home & only return to work once fully recovered - customers displaying obvious flu like symptoms such as a cough, sneezing or sore throat are denied access.
During live performances in the theatre the audience will be sitting at least 5 metres from the kirtan performers on the stage and will be required to chant within their minds as a a meditation and not audibly.
Customers are encouraged to pay using EFTpos/debit card - where cash is used, staff wash & sanitise hands immediately after.