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Lotus Room

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Mantra Midra Meditation

Women's lie-down guided meditation

Monday 31st August from 7:00 - 8:15pm & subsequently on the last Monday of each month.

In this form of guided meditation you will experience a deep sense of inner peace & relaxation through the practse of bodily relaxation exercises, yoga breathing exercises (pranayama), visualizations & sacred sound therapy - floating on the Divine Light emmanating from the silent meditation on sacred mantras. .....finding the stillness....the calmness within. Set in the tranquil, candle lit Lotus Room this meditation provides the perfect escape from the cares and worries of our stressful city lifestyles and transports us to a sublimely sacred space. Bookings are essential - Bookings

Cost: $20 which includes a light dinner at Govindas Restaurant at the completion of the meditation.



mantra chill meditation

Wednesday evenings

Mantra chill Meditation - Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 8:15pm

A participatory, interactive group meditation consisting of the soft chanting of Vedic mantras (heart felt sacred sound vibrations) to the accompaniment of gentle, contemporary musical compositions which take us on an inner journey of self-discovery to experience the peace & tranquillity that lies deep within our spirit self.

Cost is $10 which includes dinner at Govindas from 8:15pm.

Bookings not required.


Kirtan every Sunday evening

Sun: 6:30-8:15pm - kirtan - dinner in Govindas Restaurant at 8:15pm

Entry $10 which includes dinner    View Video

Kirtan (yoga chants) is a participatory music experience of sacred mantras and devotional chants performed in a call and response style which involves the audience in the performance.The leader sings one line or verse and the guests chant in response.