Govinda's Movie Room
112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
+61 2 9380 5155

How It Works   Bookings

The restaurant opens Wednesday - Sunday from 5:45pm (cinema opens 15 minutes prior to screening time for afternoon screenings  Take the gallery tour

Dinner only: $22.80

Movie only: $18:90 (Concession $16.90)   For 3D movies add $3 &, if you don't already have them, $2 for 3D glasses.

Movie/dinner package: $36.80  Desserts & drinks additional 

Start your evening at Govindas and dine to your full satisfaction from our opulent buffet.

If you are also going to the movie we recommend you allow at least half an hour to dine before going upstairs to the cinema i.e. dinner booking betweeen 5:45-6:30pm for a 7:00 movie or 7:30-8:30 for a 9:00 - 9:30 movie.

As Govindas is a very popular venue we recommend you book by phoning 9380-5155 or book online by clicking here.

For late afternoon or early evening screenings you have the option of dining after the movie.

The restaurant opens at 5:45pm Wednesday through Sunday (we are closed Monday & Tuesday) and seats 120 people.

Weather permitting, you have the option of dining on our balcony and take in the weird and wonderful sites of busy Darlinghurst Road.

During the warmer nights this is a favourite with patrons soaking up the cosmopolitan atmoshere of night time in Sydney.


Children's policy: It is advised that the Govindas dinner & cinema experience is not for children under 8 years old except for children's films rated PG & under. This is a courtesy to our other cinema patrons. Children of all ages however are welcome to dine in the restaurant.

Children's prices: 3-12 years - dinner only $12.90

Children dinner/movie package where applicable - $24.80 (3D movies $27.80 & $2 if require 3D glasses)


The Majenta Party Room is designed for larger parties affording a little more privacy and exclusivity. The tables can be joined to allow for groups of up to 30 people to sit at the same table should they so desire. The room can be configured according to the specific need of the occasion.

Both the cinema & the restaurant are availabe for private hire. Phone Tony on 0425 333086 to discuss your particular needs.

The movie room is a boutique cinema offering specially designed floor cushioning for optimum reclining comfort. Guests are encouraged to kick off their shoes, stretch out and really make themselves at home. Upright seating is also available in the form of couches and tub chairs.

The cinema is so comfortable that we can't guarantee that you will still be awake by the end of the film.

Govindas famous international buffet

The menu changes nightly but always includes a delicious Indian dahl soup, vegetable curry, baked penne pasta, lentil pie or potato au gratin, cauliflower pakoras, potato wedges, rice, poppadums, bread & a variety of salads, sauces and side dishes.

We believe in giving value for money and encourage you to visit the buffet as many times as you like through out your evening with us.


You can order drinks and desserts from our friendly staff.

Our dessert menu consists of Govindas famous cheese cake, a creamy chocolate mouse and chocolate or sundaes. A vegan dessert is also available.

We offer a large selection of both hot and cold drinks including the house specialty, our world famous mango lassi ( a heavenly fruity yogurt drink)

Media Reviews


Govindas wins Award as the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney

One flight of stairs up an unassuming entrance is a beautifully lit room where friendly cluey staff are waiting.So is an authentic Indian vegetarian buffet and for under $20 both quality and quantity are second to none. Once you've polished off what you managed to fit on your plate you're welcome to help yourself again. The mango lassi is rich and thick, served on rice and breathtskingly delicious.

After dinner, spread yourself out on the futon-style chairs of the intimate cinema and enjoy one of three movies playing nightly.


Govindas has also recently been voted the best vegetarian restaurant in NSW and the fourth best in all of Australia by the prestigious Lifestyle Food Guide

Check out the latest customer reviews on the independant pretigious website womo - word of mouth online

Your Restaurants: "Govinda's is a bohemian Sydney institution. The vegetarian buffet is piled high with dishes from around the world, so you can enjoy delicious curries, bakes and salads, and go back for more if you're still not full (or just want more!) Then head upstairs, kick off your shoes - house rule - and sit back and enjoy a film in the comfiest cinema in Sydney."

Like they say - if you're in LA. go to Disneyland. If you're in Sydney, go to Govindas."
TNT Magazine

Ouffer - Really, if you haven't discovered Govinda's by now, it's difficult to claim that you've truly experienced all that Sydney has to offer.

Sydney Morning Herald "The daily planner lists Govindas as Sydney's BEST CINEMA - ...After filling up at the vegetarian buffet, head upstairs, kick off your shoes & settle back on the floor cushions to watch a flick...."

Sydney Morning Herald: The story of Elly and Ian's first date at Govindas. "Govindas is a Sydney dating institution. For the past 28 years couples have been canoodling on the couches in the boutique cinema after gorging on vegetarian food filled with good karma in the restaurant below." " Ian and Elly begin their evening by attacking the vegetarian buffet in the cosy restaurant. Both happily call themselves carnivores and are hesitant to try the meat free dishes. "I'm quite surprised, " Ian admits later. "Usually vegetarian food has no flavour but Govinda's did really well."... "After desert it's time to head upstairs. Forget uncomfortable cinema seating; at Govinda's, shoes come off and patrons lie back on rows of long cushions that bear more resemblance to beds than seats. "You might want to have a coffee before you see a film at Govinda's," Elly sais".......Both agree that Govinda's is the perfect setting for a bit of romance...."

The Sun-Herald - Time Out: "Pillows galore set the scene at of Sydney's best- kept cinema secrets. But the price alone is not what makes Govindas special. The cinema is a couch potato's dream. Prime position is the deluxe seat at the back, which resembles a shortened double bed. The next rows are a combination of shorter & longer cushions(with extra pillows)to encourage moviegoers to stretch out & get comfortable for the upcoming flick. The vegetarian menu, ranging from Indian to Italian, includes the best baked potatoes imaginable."

Yahoo Travel: "This is the ultimate vegetarian meal deal. For a very reasonable amount you can dine and then watch the latest in cinema releases in a comfortable cushioned theatre. For years, this casual, well-fed establishment has been packing them in—locals and tourists in the know, for the endless, freshly prepared, vegetarian buffet and following movie.

The Sun-Herald "Big night out for little bucks" "Sharing a cushion in front of a big screen might not appeal to traditional movie-goers but far from average. For starters, instead of charging astronomical prices for popcorn & junk food, Govindas boasts an economical(and hearty) vegetarian buffet. Eat as much as you like, before watching a new release or art house film in the intimate cinema upstairs..with big pillows & mattresses provided for seating..."

TNT Magazine-issue 131 " Sydney rule no:4 eat at Govindas. You have to try this city institution at least once... Tuck into the all-you-can-eat vegetarian curry, then chill out in the worlds most comfortable cinema upstairs. It is one of the best restaurants you will visit in Oz. Those who run a mile at the mention of vegetarian should be ready for a surprise, as the food at Govindas is fantastic, & the great staff & relaxed atmosphere make for a perfect dining experience. You're all set up to lie back on the plush cushions in the cinema & take in the latest releases.

De Groots Media: Everyone has to go to Govindas at least once, the venue that combines restaurant, movie house and holistic centre into one. You can visit just for a buffet dinner (from $19:80) but for the full experience the dinner-and-movie package is highly recommended ($29:80). Start your evening on level one, the restaurant. Many of the choices are vegan, and the simple flavours can be enlivened with condiments like sunflower and sesame seeds, mango pickle and hot chutney....The food is tasty and filling... After dinner head upstairs to the cinema, replete with deep red chaises longues that you can sink into in extreme and utter comfort. It's amazing how luxurious wholesomeness can be.

Sydney Morning Herald: Best Karma "If you like your food killed in a caring manner, Govindas restaurant & cinema in Darlinghurst will ease your conscience. There you will find cauliflowers non-violently subdued before deep frying, & wedges made from potatoes killed in their sleep. After gorging on a vegetarian meal you go upstairs, sprawl on cushions & watch movies."


Time out Sydney: Another vego icon is Govinda's. Load a plate with architectural configurations of pasta, bakes and other legume and carb-heavy buffet finds like dahl and chickpea curry then embrace your inner couch potato by watching the latest in film on dangerously comfy cushions.

10 best- trusted advice for travellers lists Govindas as one of the top 10 restaurants in Sydney. "The buffet at this restaurant is full of vegetarian options, like curries, pastas, soups, and lentil-based dishes. One of the most unique features of the restaurant is the cinema upstairs, where you can sit or lie on cushions while watching a flick. You can also enjoy the buffet in the balcony dining area and then head to a movie afterwards."


What Ouffer has to say about the Govindas experience -

Govinda's, the Darlinghurst institution has been providing great healthy cuisine and films ranging from blockbusters to arthouse classics for decades, and has become something of a cultural touchstone in the Sydney scene. For $19.80, you can grab yourself a fantastic all-you-can-eat meal with gourmet vegetarian cuisine from around the world!

Govinda's menu changes all the time, but you can expect staples at their buffet ranging from dahl soup and cauliflower pakoras to wedges and baked penne in addition to the delicious mains. Everything on offer is so good that the Lifestyle Food Guide declared them the fourth best vegetarian restaurant in Australia - and the best in NSW! Even the meat addicts should consider shedding the incisor sharpeners for an evening of all-you-can-eat pleasure with food this heavenly. And maybe the fact that it's so nutritious will make you feel better about making just one more quick trip to the buffet. Maybe.

After you've filled yourself up, most patrons choose to roll themselves gently onto one of the bed-like recliners in the cinema to watch (or doze through) one of the films that Govinda's screens, although many turn up just for the food before a night out in nearby Darlinghurst. Govinda's also runs plenty of regular events such as meditation evenings with dinner as well as special occasions like cooking classes.

Perfect for a date night or dinner and a movie with a big group of friends or family, the Darlinghurst location and friendly appointment are ideal for a relaxing evening or a night on the town. Do yourself a favour and discover why Govinda's is still the go-to for delicious vegetarian gourmet and a cinema experience!


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