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Govindas Indian Ashram

This luxurious ashram is designed primarily for Westerners who want to take a break from the stress and anxiety of living in the material world and experience the serene, peaceful lifestyle practised by the sadhus, holy men and women of India for thousands of years.

The ashram is situated in the pristine spiritual atmoshere of Vrindavana, India's most sacred tirtha (holy place).

The ashram is part of the Bhaktivedanta Ashram complex which boasts award-winning architecture, exquisite gardens with manicured lawns, mango trees, peacocks, parrots and so much more and is rated as India's most beautiful ashram.

Cost: $15 per day

Minimum stay is three weeks although there is a guest house in the ashram complex for those who wish to stay for a shorter period of time.

All enquiries/bookings: Phone Tony 0425 333 086

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Vrindavana is regarded by saints and scholars alike to be India’s most holy spiritual abode. Nestled on the banks of the sacred river Yamuna, this holy village boasts of over 5,000 sacred temples.

Lost to the world for almost fifty centuries, Vrindavana now beckons all sincere seekers of India’s ancient spiritual culture to journey into the mystical realm of an almost forgotten world.

Of over 5,000 holy places in Vrindavana, at least 100 are of great historical and religious importance. 

Vrindavana offers a unique glimpse into the sublime realm of Mystic India.


Ashram Convenience Features:
24–hour hot water

Laundry facilities on site

80-seat prasadam (food) hall

Idyllic grounds and gardens

24-hour gated security

Local and International phone and Fax facilities

Friendly and helpful advice for pilgrimages and tours

Shops, markets and internet cafes within walking distance

Pharmacy and medical services within walking distance

Generators on premises in case of electric power failure


Ashram daily schedule

3:30am - Rise and take bath

4:30am - Kirtan (sacred chants)

5:15am - Early morning meditation

7:30 am - Kirtan (sacred chants)

8:00pm - Discourse on the Vedic philosophy including Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam

8:45am - breakfast

Daytime activities, along with allowing free time for personal affairs and taking a nap, includes pilgrimages to sacred sites, bathing in the holy Yamuna river, shopping in the ancient market places and bazaars, performing seva (devotional service) in the ashram and temple complex and performing volunteer service in the Sandipani Muni school (A school for children under the poverty

Click here for further details on the school

7:00pm - Evening satsung

8:30pm - Take rest



Ashram life style rules

The ashram experience is a spiritual journey to re-awaken the beauty of the inner self, freeing one from the anxieties of the troubled mind and enabling one to experience a sense of deep sublime peace and the feelings of pure joyfulnessthat lies within. 

Whilst living in the ashram one must adjust ones life style habits and follow the 4 principles of pure living -

1) One must be a pure vegetarian.

2) No intoxication permitted including non herbal teas or coffee.

3) Celibacy must be observed - one must abstain from sexual activity.

4) No gambling permitted.

Cultural and Social Behavior

In India people use their right hand to eat, as well as to offer and take things from people. The left hand is considered unclean, as that hand is used for touching impure surfaces. It is considered impolite to give or accept something from someone with your left hand. It is considered unclean to serve food with your left hand or to put your left hand in your mouth.

Women do not generally shake hands with men. Also men and women should not touch each other in public, especially in holy places and temples.

To greet someone, it is good manners to put your palms together and say “Namaste”.
When you enter someone’s home you should take off your shoes.

After someone has begun eating, they should wash their hands before serving themselves or others more food.



Getting to Vrindavana

Air: The closest airport is in Delhi (150 km, 3½ hrs.)

Train: There is no long-distance train station in Vrindavana. The closest major station is in Mathura, about 14 km away or a half-hour taxi ride. There is a passenger train between Mathura and Vrindavana.

Bus: Buses to Vrindavana or Mathura from Delhi depart from either the Interstate Bus Terminal near Kashmiri Gate in Old Delhi, or from the Ashram bus stop in the southeast part of Delhi. There are few direct buses from Delhi to Vrindavana. Most go to Mathura. If you take the Mathura bus, you get off at Chatikara Road and get a motor rickshaw to Vrindavana.

Taxi: Taking a taxi is the recommended way to reach Vrindavana from Delhi if you have a few people in your group or if you just want to be comfortable. This is the fastest way (about 3½ hours). At the airport you can go to the “Paid Taxi Stands” or you can contact the MVT and they will help you reserve your taxi from Vrindavan. From the airport to Vrindavan it should cost between Rs 1500 - 1600 for a sedan and Rs 2000-2300 for a SUV.

Mathura to Vrindavana: The easiest transport to take between Mathura and Vrindavana is a taxi (25 min.) from the train station or a motor rickshaw (30 min.). Buses from Mathura to Vrindavana leave infrequently from the old bus stand. There is a train that leaves Mathura Junction in the morning and evening that goes to Vrindavana. Again, taxi or motor rickshaw are the best rides.




“During my travels in India I have stayed at the Vrindavana ashram many times. It is built on a beautiful piece of property with the rooms overlooking flower garden pathways with beautiful trees. Most importantly it has all of the modern amenities that any traveler would need. Always protected by private gatekeepers, it is quiet, clean and safe. The staff are professional and always have smiles. Prahlada Priya

Being accustomed to the creature comforts of the West I, like many other      ‘pilgrims’, find the often, rustic accommodations in India, and concerns about cleanliness, security, and my health an ongoing challenge. This all changed on my last trip. A good friend of mine who goes to Vrindavan for business every year suggested I stay at the Vrndavan ashram.

The beautifully designed facilities are part of a safe, gated complex. I immediately understood why it's called the "Geneva of Vridavana"/span> Dharmasetu dasa  

2 Photos left are of the temple complex attached to the ashram.


Pre-requisites for staying in the ashram

The ashram is only available to residents of Sydney & surrounds due to the pre-requisites listed below. Our facility however is only a small part of a much larger ashram complex called the MVT Ashram where you will be able to fully take advantage of the same facilities and opportunities as if you were staying in the Govindas ashram. To contact them directly visit their website -

To prepare yourself for the ashram experience it is necessary to become familiar with the lifestyle and fundamental belief system of ashram life by tuning in to the kirtan evenings at Govindas Lotus Room or Govindas Ashram. Participating in these evenings will facilitate a smooth transition from the habits and realities of your everyday life to the spiritual lifestyle of ashram living.

Application form

Applicants must print, fill out & fax the form to - (02) 93601736 or alternatively email the form to -